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It's time to say yes to video

It's never been more essential to get on camera. As a business owner, reaching and connecting with your audience is key to growing your business.

People buy from people.

But if your audience don't feel they know, like and trust you enough, your business is going to struggle.

People have to buy into you before they'll buy from you.

Video can help you build authority, trust and genuine connection with your audience. But you already knew that, didn't you ...

That's why you're here

Don't know what to talk about in your videos?

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I know you’re …

  • terrified of going in front of the camera
  • worried what people will think and say
  • feeling overwhelmed by everything video
  • scared people will find out you're a fraud
  • desperate not to get left behind

I've Gotcha covered. Start here


yo, I’m Tors

Ex-BBC telly peep, introvert, former camera-hater. Want to know more about me and my background (apart from the fact that I’m a stereotypical Brit and love tea)?


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