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How To Connect With Your Audience Through Video


This class will help you understand how your videos, and your appearance on screen, can impact the viewer - helping you to show up on screen in a way that helps you build relationships, guides people's opinions of you, and positions you as the BOSS you are.

It will also help you learn how you best show up on camera and will give you the tools to become comfortable with how you look on screen. And, yes, there's more! This class will also teach you how you can act more like yourself in your videos and create a deeper connection with your audience.

This class is part one of a two-part series.

in this class we'll:

  • look at how the different platforms impact content and behaviour
  • talk about how your ideal client or customer affects your videos
  • review why behaviour on camera is so important
  • chat about the importance of your expectations
  • discuss what positioning is and why you'd want to be in control of it
  • look at what nerves or lack of confidence looks like on camera
  • talk about what being comfortable and confident on camera looks like
  • review the ways we, as humans, communicate and what that means in video terms
  • talk about camera framing and the impact that has
  • how to identify behaviours that you want to change
  • how to communicate best when feeling nervous or unconfident
  • work on how to identify how you best show up on camera

Also included in this class is a workbook to help you take the information shared in this class and apply it to your own situation.

how this works:

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